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Condividi Welcome to the show people! Today the gang assesses a hot topic - a user claimed on reddit that Binance "took" money from him and it blew up. Even CZ commented and got blasted. Also, we take a look at an admittedly cringy article listing the "7 deadly sins of CZ". What a day.

Tune in now! After a couple months of mails every 2 or 3 days. Binance straight up told me it was their mistake and that they would compensate me 3bnb.

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It states that Binance has to execute a trade. After I mentioned this they went silent, I have bugged support every 2 days, but I have not received anything as of yet and it has been almost a month.

I need your help in demanding an answer for Binance her mistakes.

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I was trading on the futures platform. Anyways I closed the positions market bought them.

I screenshotted the fact that I had just 12k left. And it showed no open positions.

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After 4 hours however I get notifications from my phone that I were about to be liquidated, I opened my phone and my positions were still open. And were almost all liquidated.

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They however told me it is only common on the app and that is my responsibility for not trading on pc. You have not provided any more solid evidence that there was a mistake on Binance's side, nor that this error directly caused you localbitcoins html action post coin lose any money. Sorry, you can't pressure us into giving you money, be it through misleading social media threads or threatening self-harm as was done in the first ticket. We're happy to approach this legally.

Remember he was respecting the shit out of the Bermuda culture while he was there, that's where the picture from.

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Localbitcoins html action post coin I'm sure this article is good. The article he references was published inand CS started working there in CZ left after only 9 months and cited "differences" rather than your normal bullshit nice guy thing. I didn't know this.

Some of the key points from this - CZ wasn't paid when he left, his signature was forged after he left, and he was urging them to stop their shady shit by not honoring a deal with Roger and Bitcoin.

I have no idea how he got this number, as they're not below 7 on any of the ways to slice the data. CZ said on twitter that when you raise funds for a project you need to set aside funds to battle fud.

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Spoiler - he didn't gotcha. Obviously the easiest way to know someone isn't justin's friend is to find multiple points of social contact. Wow what a dick. Then he links a video with a thumbnail of CZ with Devil horns that is deleted to nosequitur attack their charity org.